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Cathedral Bible School Extension in Kingston,
Jamaica begun by Dr. Miller

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A church in Jamaica is being helped
through a building program by Cathedral Missions.

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The Honorable John Swan, Premier of Bermuda, presents Dr. Miller (on left) and Bishop Isaiah Johnson (on the far right) a gift in appreciation for opening an extension of Cathedral College in Bermuda

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Gloryland Bible Institute of Bermuda

is located in the facilities of
Revival Assembly in Hamilton, Bermuda.
Bishop Isaiah Johnson, the Pastor, is a
trustee of Cathedral Ministries.

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Cathedral Ministries is establishing a permanent base of missions on the island of Grenada.
A year round Bible college will be operated at the facility.

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Costa Rica

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A ministers conference in Costa Rica where
Dr. Miller ministered to Pastors from across the country.

Adpot A Child

Check back  for pictures and individual listings of children that will be available for you to sponsor.You will be able to choose your "own" child to sponsor for food, medical help, clothes, and Bible instruction.

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