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The Restoration Fellowship of
Christian Churches and Ministers


Headquartered on the campus of
Cathedral Bible College
Myrtle Beach, S.C.


A Fellowship of Men and Women of God who believe that the Lord is bringing the restoration of all things to the Body of Christ and that we “who are spiritual” as commanded in the 2 nd Epistle to the Corinthians, are responsible for bringing encouragement and hope to all who serve in the Body of Christ



1. Are you a denomination? We are not in the sense that we welcome into our fellowship all ministers who want to join us in working together for the work of the Kingdom. Ministers who are part of traditional denominations can keep their credentials with where they serve but at the same time can receive duplicate credentials from us and can enjoy the fellowship of many other brethren of various religious backgrounds but all of whom believe in the “Move of the Holy Spirit” and believe that God is raising up various movements around the world channel the next great move of God to the whole Body.


2. If you are not a denomination but a fellowship and I have never been ordained or licensed can I join also? Yes, for those who have credentials we will issue duplicates from us, and for those who do not have credentials, we will license and ordain you.


3. Does my church have to join the fellowship for me to belong? No, if you have a denominational church and they want to remain part of that denomination you can join the fellowship without their being a part of it.


4. If my church is independent and I want my people to know that we are not alone in the world can my church join and in doing so will be lose any of our independence as a local body? If you church is looking for a fellowship so that people will not think you are a cult out there on your own, you are welcome to join as a church. You will not give up any of your legal independence. Remember, we are a fellowship, not a denomination, and no one can step in an interfere in your local church without be asked to do so by you church for whatever purpose you may need help. You renew your credentials yearly, and you can withdraw anytime you want.


5. What will I or my church gain by joining the Fellowship? You will receive the following:


* If you or your church has not been part of a denomination or a fellowship you now have credibility that you are not just some little cult or that you have no one who can speak into your life. It will give people greater respect and trust for your ministry, especially since there are so many charlatans out and around taking advantage of people.


* You now have people who are committed to love you and help you and be there for you in times of need as well as the commitment of fellowship.


* If you have not had legal credentials, you do now. As a licensed or ordained minister you can draw a tax free housing allowance, you can go into hospital rooms and Intensive care when others can’t, you can be protected legally as a counselor, you can visit prisoners in prisons with permission of the prison Chaplain at times that others can’t visit, you can legally marry people. [if you do not have license or ordination certificates it is illegal to marry individuals when you are not a legal minister.]


* If you already have credentials and just want to join and receive duplicate credentials, the greatest blessing is being part of a Spirit- Filled Fellowship of ministers from many nations and as God moves in the next great move He will not be using those Houses that are bound up in rules and regulations and culture and judgments against others, but He will move through groups that are free to move, free to fellowship with all the Body, and who are moving in a true new Testament manner recognizing the Five Fold Ministry Gifts and growing in the Supernatural power of God.


6. Are there other advantages of being in the fellowship? Yes, there are many other advantages.


EDUCATION: You can continue your education up to a Doctorate through the Bible College and you will always receive discounts to attend. Those who hold credentials with the Fellowship and start extensions in their churches will receive a Doctorate of Divinity after the second year of the extension. We will help churches in the fellowship set up extensions of the college for the training of their people.


MISSIONS: There will be mission trips that we will help you

to take and mission programs you can get involved with as we match churches in third world countries with sponsoring churches in the U.S.A.


FELLOWSHIP: You will be a part of the Annual Convention at Cathedral College and meet ministers who are known nationally. If your church joins the Fellowship we will join with you in sponsoring a week-end of services or a retreat at your church at least once every two years for all those in driving distance to come and fellowship.


YOUTH AND CHILDREN: There will be Annual Youth Camps in the summer at our campus at Myrtle Beach and your youth can come and have a great time of vacation and spiritual blessings. The same is true for children. For those who need help, we can send teams to provide a summer VBS for your children.


7. What are my financial obligations to be in the Fellowship? NONE, we do not even charge you for your credentials. The Annual Convention does not charge an attendance fee, the meals are free, and many of our materials are free. Any financial help you give the college is by personal decision and only that. The same is true of Mission programs etc. Everything is by the volunteer giving of each one and there is nothing required.


  1. Are there any other reasons for joining? Yes, as we enter the next great move of God the demons of Hell are going to be let loose on the men and women serving God in Ministry as Satan comes to realize his time is short. If there was ever a time that you need genuine brothers and sisters in Christ it is now. You do not know what form the attack may take on your life and ministry, but you will know that there are a group of Saints who in favor of Restoration and not Destruction for you and that you have Warriors who are true and tried, merciful and full of grace, who are waiting to hold up your hands and carry you to the other side.



HOW DO I JOIN? You need to contact one of the trustees of Cathedral Bible College or Dr. Miller, or one of the staff as in Dr. Stowe or Mrs. Oliver, Maggie Tentcheva, or Dr. Ray or Callie Cornett.


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